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"It’s not that people can’t love you if you don’t love yourself. It’s that you won’t feel it because it’ll always seem like you don’t deserve it."

– But It’s Not a Matter of Deserving (#53: January 11, 2014)

Blumarine Fall 2014

Blumarine Fall 2014


"I treat myself like I would my daughter. I brush her hair, wash her laundry, tuck her in goodnight. Most importantly, I feed her. I do not punish her. I do not berate her, leave tears staining her face. I do not leave her alone. I know she deserves more.
I know I deserve more."

– Michelle K., I Know I Deserve More. (via persehpone)

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"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers."

Charles William Eliot   (via ffitzgerald)


"She wears all black
just like her soul
yet her heart is made of gold."

– D7 (via hellokitty-senpai)

"Don’t let people treat you like a cigarette, they only use you when they’re bored and step on you when they’re done. Be like drugs, let them die for you."

– (via the-queen-of-itasasu)


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